It’s Time for Toys!

So toys are fun! They can be used during self play or with a partner, or with multiple partners or however you want. There are lots of different toys designed for lots of different things; there are cock rings, dildos, TENGA eggs, vibrators, lotions, lubes, plugs and nipple clamps just to start to get you thinking.  Before buying a toy, know what it’s used for, lotion cannot be used the same way lube is. A lot of toys meant for vaginal stimulation are not meant for anal stimulation, and no one wants something stuck up there. Also, most people don’t realize that you need to clean your toys. When you buy a toy, also buy some toy cleaners, it’s easy to clean and it will help keep you healthy. You don’t want some gross organisms living on something you put inside yourself! Also, there are not a lot of restrictions on the market for sex toys, look at the products toys are made with. Or shop at smitten kitten where all the toys are known to be safe for you. Smitten Kitten even sells vegan toys and condoms. So now let’s talk about some different kinds of toys:

Condoms, lubes and lotions:

                Condoms can be a toy, you can get the ribbed ones, or the hot and icy cold ones, and you can even get vibrating ones. Everything is better with lube, if you are not using it when having sex with a partner, start too, it’s a game changer (I promise). There are differences in water based and silicone lubes. I personally much prefer water based lube, it doesn’t feel sticky to me, but silicone based lubes are a little bit more  healthy for you, they don’t allow bacteria to grow as easily as water based lubes. But to me the comfort is worth it. Also, at most sex toy stores you can get a little sample size lube for around a dollar so test it out and see what you like! Also, taste your lubes too (cherry ones are one of my favorites!). I have a peppermint lotion that I really like, it’s has a very different texture than lube and does different things, it’s not meant for intercourse. It’s for oral play and foreplay. Peppermint is my favorite flavor and putting it on a penis owner I literally said “oh hey now your dick tastes like a candy cane”. Plus that lotion makes the skin on the person it’s on tingle a bit (especially when you blow on them lightly), the penis owner I’ve put it on compared it to being cold as the same tinglyness but not the discomfort. His actual quote is “it’s like a tingly sensation and the cool fresh feel that is the same as when you inhale after eating gum”. And on me (a vagina owner) it feels really good and tingly and fun. If you want to but one it’s from Passion Parties! However the lotion does not work with condoms (says so on the lotion) and does not work the same way lube does so if you wanna transition into intercourse, make sure its all licked up or rinse off real quick.

Vibrators, Dildos, Bullets and Cock rings:

                So I think of these three things as more toys for vagina owners but they definitely can be used for anal stimulation for anyone (at least dildos can) and there are things that vibrate on one’s cock for pleasure too.  I have a vibrator from passion parties (the flower one) and I really like it. I do wish it had different settings though, so that I could start it slow and make it get faster. My old bullet did have the settings but was small and not textured and not as fun as the flower one I have now. Also because the flower is silicone and wraps around the actual vibrator it’s wayyy easier to clean up. Dildos are fun too, although I will admit glass ones scare me a little bit. You can get plain and simple ones, or ones that vibrate and light up and spin and do all sorts of weird crazy things. A good way to test all of these toys is to hold them to your nose to see how strong the vibration is and if you think you would like it on other parts of your body. Also, smitten kitten has instructional videos for all of their sections so a video on vibrators and how to find the right one for you. In addition, ask your friends! We as a society need to become more open about this stuff anyway. Cock rings are great! They are wonderful on penis owners who maybe aren’t as big as you would like them to be or they can be added to toys to add a little extra width and a little more clit stimulation for vagina owners. PLUS (super power cock rings) if you put one around just one of a penis owners balls he will last a lot longer! Cock rings come in all sorts of fun ways too, with different textures, some vibrate and they feel good on the penis owner too.

                In conclusion, please all parties know that a toy is never going to replace real people sex. Real sex with a partner is always going to feel fantastic! And way better than a plastic dildo/vibrator/whatever. Toys can help in the bed room, they cannot magically fix everything. I know penis owners tend to get scared when a dildo gets brought out but it’s not going to replace you, it just adds to the experience.

                Next week I plan to do a post about just toys for penis owners, then the following week one about anal sex/anal toys. I apologize that this post is so late!

                The sites I like for toys are: and

Thank you and lots of love!

The Naughty Goddess 

4 thoughts on “It’s Time for Toys!

    • They are toys for penis owners that help them masturbate and supposedly when used with lube feel like a blowjob, and they can be used with the help of a partner. It kinda looks like a silicone pouch that comes with different textures and it is stored in an egg like box. Its for a penis owner to put around his dick and then rub the outside of the silicone. Here is a link if you want to know more!


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